NataliMorris_BlogImage_Snippet_EthicalInvestments_v3 April 17, 2016

Are Your Investments Ethical?

Is it possible to make good investments in only ethical companies? Nearly impossible to do with the stock market, but doable if you think outside the box a little! Here are my thought-provoking challenges to you.

March 23, 2016

Managing Your Recurring Payments Made Easy

If you don’t diligently manage your bank and credit card accounts, you might not notice all the monthly subscription services you are paying for. Even someone as anal as myself can miss some recurring charges. Shocking, I know, but true. That’s why I signed up for a free service called TrueBill and suggest you take a few […]

March 22, 2016

Me vs Dave Ramsey

I fashion myself as having a very different philosophy than Dave Ramsey. Yet people quote him on my blog, in Facebook comments, on Twitter so dang often! So maybe this big distinction I see between my approach and his is not painfully obvious to the world. Fair enough. I thought about writing about how we […]

NataliMorris_BlogImage_DebtCreativity_Snippet_v4 March 8, 2016

How To Approach Your Debt With Creativity

First off, get it out of your head that you have no control over your debt and you have to follow all of the rules on your statements. You don’t! Finance favors the creative. This has been the most revolutionary lesson for me. You can approach your finances with creativity and benefit greatly from it. Let’s […]

March 3, 2016

Working For My Highest And Best Purpose

My weekly web show Code Forward will no longer be in weekly production. MSNBC has ceased studio production of Shift by MSNBC and has asked hosts to contribute field and original reporting to the network. I am a little disappointed. I loved sitting in the anchor desk at a network I respect. I loved taking the train into […]