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July 10, 2017

We Wrote A Book! Read It And Rid Yourself Of Your Mortgage, Free As A Bird!

Some news! I have a new book launching tomorrow in the Amazon Kindle Store! It is called: How To Pay Off Your Mortgage In 5 Years: Slash your mortgage with a proven system the banks don’t want you to know about.

I co-wrote this book with my husband Clayton based on our experience of freeing ourselves of our mortgage. We break down the ins and outs of your mortgage and help you use this understanding to your advantage. This means you stop funneling so much of your monthly income into the banks’ coffers!

If you preorder the book before tomorrow, it costs $4.99. Once it launches, it will cost $6.99. So order today and save yourself $2 now and THOUSANDS of dollars in the long run with this strategy to pay off your mortgage lickety-split!

You’ve heard/read me discus this strategy before. It involves securing a Home Equity Line of Credit to slay the amount of interest and time on your mortgage. Using this trick, Clayton and I saved over $350,000 in interest payments and paid off a mortgage completely. It works!

I hope this email finds you well today and ready to take your personal finances to the next level. We wrote this book to put another tool in your arsenal towards doing just that! As always, I welcome your feedback!

Happy Monday my friend!

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